Sa'ha Massages

We offer a wide range of massages to suit your every need, from light aromatherapy, swedish, hot stones, trigger point therapy to deep tissue release.

Hot Stone Massage

A speciality treatment combining hot basalt stones and massage to provide an amazing healing experience. The stones provide a sedative effect that relieves chronic pain, reduces stress and promotes deep relaxation.

£35.00 (Back)

£60.00 (1hr)

Deep Tissue Massage

Focusing on realigning deeper layers of muscles and connective tissue. It is especially helpful for chronic aches, pains and contracted areas.

£40.00 (Back)

£65.00 (1hr)

Hot Stone Deep Tissue

Combined benefits of deep tissue and hot stones to reach the deeper layers with minimal discomfort. Relax your entire body for an amazing 90mins  with this brilliant and very effective treatment.

£85.00 (90min) 

Swedish Massage

Medium pressure massage using long gliding strokes to relax the entire body. Exceptionally beneficial for increasing oxygen levels in the blood, decreasing toxins, improving circulation and easing tension.

£30.00 (Back)

£50.00 (1hr)

Aromatherapy Touch

Light pressure Swedish massage with personalised essential oils.

£30.00 (Back)

£50.00 (1hr)

Lymphatic Drainage

Light, gentle, repetitive strokes to facilitate the lymphatic system. It is a specialised treatment that supports your body's internal filtration system to keep your immune system in check.

£60.00 (1hr)


Based on a system of zones and reflex areas, application of pressure to specific points on the soles of the feet aid in physical relief and change to the entire body.

£30.00 (20min)

Indian Head Massage

Consists of a luxurious, indulgent, head and neck and shoulder massage. This treatment will leave you feeling like your head is in the clouds.

£30.00 (20min)

Facelift Massage

Specialised technique improving the condition of the skin, using stimulating organic aromatherapy oils leaving you with a plumped toned, lifted, and younger and fresher looking skin. Helps redefine the contours of the face leaving you looking rejuvenated.

£25.00 (15min)

Toasty Toes Massage

A warm, intense massage to the heels, soles, toes and lower legs to relax and stimulate the senses.

£25.00 (15min)

Postnatal Tummy Massage

A technique that palpitates the abdomen to improve the function of the digestive tract. Aids pain relief and stresses and strains caused by childbirth. Relaxes stretched muscles and nerves and dramatically reduces fluid retention.

£30.00 (20min)

Massage Gun Deep Tissue Release

An amazing add on or stand alone treatment, this massage tool decreases muscle tension, regulates blood circulation, aids flexibility and warms up the body and aids recovery.

£10.00 (10min)

Corporate Chair Massage

This 15min professional chair massage is brilliant for high stress locations to reduce tension and lift morale. leaving you feeling energised, rejuvenated and relaxed. Works wonders for your well-being and improving posture, focusing on back, neck, shoulders and head.

£60.00 (1hr)

£50.00 (Additional hours)

Travel charges apply.

Sa'ha Facials

A facial to suit all skin types, from deluxe pampers, anti ageing, deep cleanse to treatment facials designed to your specific needs.

Elemis Pro Collagen Age Defy

Experience the age defying benefits of marine charged products whilst targeted massage encourages optimum cellular function. This exceptional anti wrinkle facial has phenomenal results, clinically proven, after just one treatment reduces wrinkles and improves firmness.

Specialised lifting massage leaves skin feeling smoother, lifted and youthful.

Includes head and arms massage.

£50.00 (40min)

Sa'ha Mocha Detox

Cleanse, tone and replenish your skin with this intensive organic treatment. Stimulates, firms and tones to aid circulation, removing dead cells to resurface the skin and encourage the detoxification process. 

Complimentary massage with all options.

(Treatment requires product to be rinsed off in our private shower facilities)

Antioxident Facial Treatment

£40.00 (30min)

Sa'ha Vegan Facial

Deeply cleanse, tone. nourish and boost your skin with our personalised vegan facial. 100% vegan, alcohol free, dermatologically tested, allergy tested, clinically tested, 100% pure mineral sunscreen.

 £40.00 (30min)

Products available to purchase.

Sa'ha Rejuvenating Facial

You might think that the lustrous skin of your youth is out of your reach, when in fact its just below the surface hidden by layers of dull, dead skin cells that build up over time. This professional grade glow-getter is designed to reveal fresh, radiant skin using a high tech combination of diamond exfoliation and gentle suction to buff away dead skin and promote cell turnover. Reduces the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, age spots, pigmentation, visible pores, acne scarring, smooths and softens skin and aids dull uneven skin tone.

£40.00 - 1 Treatment

£100.00 - 3 Treatments


High Frequency Treatment Facial

This high frequency skin care therapy treats and prevents stubborn acne, shrinks enlarged pores, reduces the appearance of marks and decongests the skin. 

Brilliant for anti ageing, it reduces fine lines and  wrinkles, decongests puffy  eyes, fades dark circles and lifts and tones. 

The safe, gentle oscillating and oxygenating power of the high frequency electrical current enhances blood circulation, increases collagen and elastin production, eliminates toxins and acne causing bacteria, encourages lymphatic drainage, exfoliates dead skin cells and improves skin care absorption.

Acne Treatment - Argon Gas

Anti Ageing treatment - Neon Gas

£45.00 - 1 Treatment

£120.00 - 3 Treatments


(not recommended for clients with the following:  pacemakers, braces, excessive fillings, epilepsy, pregnancy, high blood pressure, inflamed skin. Clients must remove ALL jewellery prior to treatment)

Ultrasonic Facial

Achieve immediate dramatic results with one treatment. Stimulate blood circulation and aid drainage, exfoliate dead skin cells, increase cell metabolism, deep cleanse toxins, tighten and tone, refine large pores, improve skin texture and tone, clarify acne, blemishes and age spots.

Continued treatments will provide long term, lasting results.

£45.00 - 1 Treatment

£120.00 - 3 Treatments


Sa'ha Personalised Facial

A five step routine to deep clean and rehydrate your skin with personalised mask to suit your individual needs, leaving you with a healthy, glowing, brighter complexion.

Organic products.

Includes scalp massage.



Sa'ha Facelift Facial

An instant, visible lifting facial that lasts all week. This combination of lifting mask, cupping and facial lifting  massage techniques will tone, tighten, smooth and lift your skin giving you the appearance of just having a facelift. Ideal for that special occasion.

Includes scalp massage.



LED Light Therapy

Clinically tested and tailor made to your exact skincare requirements, this world renowned L(A)B LED therapy will stimulate the skins natural cell structure, respectively encouraging the skin to repair itself.

- Activates collagen

- Eliminates age spots, pigmentation and marks

- Kills acne causing bacteria

- Improves clarity and discolouration in complexion

- Reduces line and wrinkles

- Hydrates and illuminates

- Firms and tones

- Purify and balance

Exfoliate, cleanse, tone, personalised serum, LED therapy.

£40.00 (30min)

£140 - 14 Day Course (every 3 days)

£40 - Monthly Maintenance

£10 - Add On To Existing Facials

Sa'ha Body Treatments

Amazing treatments to get your body looking and feeling its best, from heated body dips, dry body brushing and full body steam just to name a few, using the world renowned luxurious products from Elemis. 

Sa'ha Body Dip

Rejuvenate and purify your body with our luxurious heated body wraps. Following a deep exfoliation you will be submerged in a body dip of your choice whilst you enjoy a soothing scalp massage. All you have to do is relax...

Warm Chocolate Dip

Deep Sea Dip

Sweet Honey Dip

Melted Butter Dip

(Treatment requires product to be rinsed off in our private shower facilities)


£55.00 (1hr)

Sa'ha Body Bliss Cellulite Treatment

Full body dry brushing and full body steam finished with a luxurious Elemis body butter. Dramatically reduces the appearance of cellulite, sheds dead skin cells to reveal smoother, brighter, tighter skin and minimises ingrown hairs. A great way to release toxins, even distribution of fat deposits and improve muscle tone.

£45.00 (1hr)

Sa'ha Mocha Detox

Cleanse, tone and replenish your skin with this intensive organic treatment. Stimulates, firms and tones to aid circulation, removing dead cells to resurface the skin and encourage the detoxification process.

Complimentary massage with all options.

(Treatment requires product to be rinsed off in our private shower facilities)

Antioxident Abdomen Treatment

£40.00 (50min)

Antioxident Back Treatment

£50.00 (1hr)

Antioxident Cellulite Treatment

£50.00 (1hr)

Sa'ha CBD Therapy

Experience the benefits of CBD with our tried and tested therapies and products you can purchase to use in the comfort of your own home, from topical warming gels, full spectrum oral mint flavoured sprays to salon and mobile CBD oil massages.

Full Spectrum CBD Oral Oil - 2.5%

Each spray provides 3mg active CBD


Full Spectrum CBD Oral Oil - 5%

Each spray provides 6mg active CBD


Full Spectrum CBD Oral Oil - 10%

Each spray provides 12mg active CBD


(80 Sprays Per Bottle)

CBD Oil Massage

- Relieves chronic physical pain.

- Reduces inflammation.

- Reduces joint stiffness.

- Improves skin health.

- Boosts sensory stimulation.

- Soothes sore muscles.

-And much more..



Not suitable for anyone with nut allergies.

CBD Warming Gel

A gentle warming gel containing 50mg CBD.

Provides all the benefits of our CBD Oil Massage in the comfort of your own home.



Sa'ha Lashes, Brows & Eyes

The eyes are the windows to the soul, accentuate your best feature with a striking lash lift, brow and lash tint or an amazing revitalising eye treatment.

Sa'ha Lash Lift

Lengthen, volumise and lift your lashes with this amazingly popular treatment. Natural lash enhancement leaves you with thicker and longer looking lashes eliminating the need for mascara. Immediate results that last up to 4 weeks.

Includes lash tint.

Includes scalp massage x2.

Complimentary conditioning after care kit provided.



Lash & Brow Tint

Lash Tint - £15.00

Brow Tint - £15.00

Lash & Brow Tint - £28.00

Patch test required 48hrs prior to treatment.


Tired eyes? Dark circles? Puffiness? Then look no further..

Diminish the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and dark circles with our combination of Elemis pro collagen hydra gel eye treatment and heated jasmine and iron infused eye mask, providing an instant tightening, hydrated and soothed appearance to the eyes.

Enjoy a soothing scalp massage whilst you drift into a deep sleep..



Sa'ha Tips 'n' Toes

Your hands and feet never take a day off so take good care of them, from the best luxury manicures and pedicures, nail shape and cuticle care to chic shining gel nails.

Luxury Manicure

Includes: Nail and cuticle care, nail buffing, soak, scrub, mask, cuticle oil, moisturise and massage.

£40.00 (40min)

Luxury Pedicure

Includes: Nail and cuticle care, nail buffing, file, soak, scrub, mask, cuticle oil, revitalise, moisturise and massage.

£45.00 (1hr)

Luxury Mani/Pedi

See above.

£75.00 (1.5hr)

Nail Shape & Cuticle Care

Achieve the perfect tips with our renowned cuticle care, buffing and shaping.

£25.00 (25min)



Sa'ha Chic Shine

There's nothing quite like the intense jewel like shine of gel nails. 

- High gloss finish.

- Lasts up to 3 weeks.

- Soak off with ease.

- LED curing.

£35.00 (Full set)

£20.00 (Removal inc cuticle care)

Hair Removal

Organic hair removal which leaves your body smooth and sculpted, a form of semi permanent hair removal which removes hair directly from the root.

Upper Lip - £8.00

Chin - £8.00

Sides - £10.00

Forehead - £8.00

Full Face - 30.00

Full Legs - £35.00

Half Legs - £25.00

Full Arms - £30.00

Half Arms - £25.00

Underarms - £15.00

Full Back - £40.00

Chest - £20.00

Abdomen - £25.00

Personalised Packages

Bridal packages, hen parties, group bookings, birthdays, baby showers and pamper parties for children, teens and adults can all be catered for.

Please enquire for personalised quotes.

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